Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Cubicle Shuffle

At my client organization’s offices, an interesting and traumatic event for those affected by it was the usual employee cubicle shuffle, where recently moved people had to box up and shift elsewhere. Now, there are many reasons why such a sequence of events would take place (and sometimes they are out of human hands). Generally, however, this is due to poor resource management.

When folks hear about People Management, they generally think along the lines of motivation and psychological counseling and support. However, the most basic part of the organization is the staff and their management at the most basic level involves management of their shelter and place of work. This repeated cubicle shuffle simply denotes the lack of organizational planning to accommodate the most basic requirements of your most basic components.

Effective people management begins with a CMDB that records not only the basic information about the employee such as cubicle number, email address, phone number etc. but also makes note of their skills and capabilities including past experience and skill sets. Much can be researched and perused on the net regarding this topic, but the magic is in the implementation of it.