Monday, November 23, 2009

Stress Point Analysis

Stress Point Analysis is a new technique that assists management in understanding the state of an operation; its strengths and weaknesses and where the effort to improve should be expended for maximum results and returns. It is a data driven technique in which most (if not all) members of the organization complete a web based questionnaire providing their input on the state of the operation. This data is analyzed and the state of health of various stress points in the organization is made available.

Stress Points in this model are defined as barriers to operation excellence. They are defined as:

  • Improvement & Innovation

  • Alignment & Fit

  • Measurement & Control

  • Resource & Demand Management

  • Process Capability

Each of these five areas can be operating at the following possible levels:

  • Outstanding

  • Scope for Development

  • Cause for Concern

  • Stressed

Analysis and evaluation of the stress point areas can give management an idea of where they are and the steps required to improve the stressed areas. They can then take the required steps to reduce problems in the stressed area so that all the 5 areas are at a high operational level.

All this is the theory proposed by Stress Point Analysis. In my opinion, it is a useful tool that could be of value to an organization but it is not a magic solution that will solve all the problems. Like all other methodologies, much depends on the successful implementation and day to day carrying out of the system. Still, it is something new that is out there now and I wished to bring to light for you to have a look at and decide on its potential value.

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